how to play zhongli in genshin impact

Zhongli is a popular 5-star Geo-element character in Genshin Impact, known as the Archon of Geo. He is a powerful support character and a fan favorite, thanks to his unique abilities and impressive visual design. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Zhongli’s skills, talents, and playstyle.

Skills & Talents

Zhongli’s Elemental Skill is Dominus Lapidis, which creates a Stone Stele that deals Geo damage to enemies in its path. The Stone Stele also resonates with other Geo constructs, creating powerful elemental reactions that deal massive damage.

Zhongli’s Elemental Burst is Planet Befall, which creates a massive meteor that deals AoE Geo damage to enemies in its path. This skill is incredibly useful for crowd control, as it can knock enemies back and stagger them, allowing other characters to attack safely.

Zhongli’s talents also make him an excellent support character. His first talent, Arcanum of Crystal, increases the duration of his Geo constructs and shields, while his second talent, Dominance of Earth, increases his Charged Attack damage and shield strength.

Playstyle of Zhongli

Zhongli is best used as a support character, providing shields and elemental reactions to other characters. His Stone Stele is excellent for creating Geo constructs that resonate with his Elemental Skill and Burst, creating powerful elemental reactions that deal massive damage.

One popular strategy for Zhongli is to use him in conjunction with other Geo-element characters, such as Ningguang or Albedo. The combination of Geo and Geo creates powerful elemental reactions that deal massive damage to enemies.

Builds of Zhongli

Zhongli’s primary stat is HP, which allows him to create powerful shields and maximize his survivability. Players can also invest in his Geo damage bonus, which increases the damage of his elemental skills and attacks.

For weapons, Zhongli is best suited for the Staff of Homa or the Vortex Vanquisher. The Staff of Homa increases his Critical Rate and damage, while the Vortex Vanquisher provides increased attack damage and shield strength.

Final Thoughts

Zhongli is a powerful and versatile support character in Genshin Impact, with excellent crowd control abilities and the ability to create powerful elemental reactions.

His unique visual design and backstory also make him a fan favorite among players. By utilizing his skills and talents effectively, players can unlock Zhongli’s full potential and dominate their enemies.

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