How to Play Willow in Fortnite?

Willow is a survivalist who has learned to thrive in even the most dangerous environments. She is a skilled Outlander who uses her abilities to take down enemies from a distance while remaining elusive.

Perks of Willow

Willow’s Ghoulish Cackle perk allows her to deal increased ability damage based on the percentage of her missing health. This makes her a formidable opponent even when she is low on health.

Skills of Willow

Willow’s skills include Seismic Smash, T.E.D.D.Y., and Phase Shift. Seismic Smash allows her to create a shockwave that deals damage to enemies in front of her, while T.E.D.D.Y. summons a powerful teddy bear that can shoot enemies from a distance. Phase Shift allows Willow to quickly move through the battlefield, making her difficult to track and hit.

How to Play Willow?

As Willow, your primary goal is to use your abilities to take out enemies from a safe distance. Start by using Seismic Smash to deal damage to enemies in front of you, and then use T.E.D.D.Y. to pick off any enemies who are out of reach. Use Phase Shift to quickly move around the battlefield, making it difficult for enemies to hit you.

It’s important to keep an eye on your health and take advantage of Willow’s Ghoulish Cackle perk to deal extra damage when your health is low. Use your abilities strategically, and don’t be afraid to retreat and reposition if you find yourself overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Willow is a versatile Outlander hero with powerful abilities that allow her to take down enemies from a distance. Her Ghoulish Cackle perk makes her a force to be reckoned with even when her health is low. With practice, you can learn to use Willow’s skills to their fullest potential and dominate the battlefield.

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