Whiteout Fiona Fortnite guide

Whiteout Fiona is a skilled ninja who was once part of a secret society of ninjas. She left the society and now works as a mercenary, using her ninja skills to survive and thrive in the dangerous world of Fortnite.

Perks of Whiteout Fiona

Whiteout Fiona’s Anatomy Lessons perk increases the Critical Rating of Swords, Axes, and Scythes by 15. This means she is excellent at dealing critical hits with melee weapons, making her a deadly close-range fighter.

Skills of Whiteout Fiona

Whiteout Fiona’s Smoke Bomb ability creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision and slows down enemies caught inside. Her Throwing Stars ability allows her to throw shurikens that deal damage to enemies, while her Dragon Slash ability sends her charging forward in a powerful sword strike that can cut through multiple enemies at once.

How to Play Whiteout Fiona?

As a ninja, Whiteout Fiona is best played as a stealthy assassin, taking advantage of her melee combat skills to quickly take out enemies from up close. Her Smoke Bomb ability can be used to create cover and make it easier to sneak up on enemies or to escape from dangerous situations.

Meanwhile, her Throwing Stars ability is useful for dealing damage from range or to finish off weakened enemies. When things get really tough, Whiteout Fiona’s Dragon Slash ability can be used to cut through multiple enemies at once, dealing massive damage.

Final Thoughts

Whiteout Fiona is a great choice for players who enjoy playing as a ninja and prefer close-range combat. Her Anatomy Lessons perk makes her a formidable fighter with melee weapons, and her Smoke Bomb ability is incredibly useful for creating cover and making it easier to sneak around undetected. Overall, Whiteout Fiona is a versatile and deadly hero that should not be underestimated.

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