How to Play Whirlwind Scorch in Fortnite?

Whirlwind Scorch is a ninja hero in Fortnite Save the World. She specializes in close-quarters combat, using her speed and agility to quickly take down enemies. With her perks and skills, she can deal massive damage and control the battlefield.

Story of Whirlwind Scorch

Whirlwind Scorch is a master of Ninjutsu who has dedicated her life to mastering the art of the sword. She has traveled the world in search of knowledge and training, and has faced many challenges along the way. But her skill with a blade is unmatched, and she is feared by her enemies as a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Perks & Skill of Whirlwind Scorch

Whirlwind Scorch’s main perk is Footloose, which increases Crescent Kick Impact by 85%. This allows her to deal more damage with her Crescent Kick, a powerful melee attack that can knock back enemies and deal damage in a wide area. Whirlwind Scorch’s three skills are Crescent Kick, Smoke Bomb, and Dragon Slash.

  • Crescent Kick is a powerful melee attack that can knock back enemies and deal damage in a wide area.
  • Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that blinds enemies and slows them down, allowing Whirlwind Scorch to escape or close in for the kill.
  • Dragon Slash is a powerful ability that allows Whirlwind Scorch to dash forward and deal massive damage to all enemies in her path.

How to Play Whirlwind Scorch?

Whirlwind Scorch is a ninja hero who excels in close-quarters combat. She is best used in missions where enemies are clustered together, as her Crescent Kick and Dragon Slash can quickly clear out groups of enemies. Use Smoke Bomb to escape from danger or to slow down enemies while you close in for the kill. When fighting bosses or tougher enemies, focus on using your melee attacks to deal damage while avoiding their attacks.

Final Thoughts

Whirlwind Scorch is a fun and powerful hero to play in Fortnite Save the World. With her fast attacks and powerful abilities, she can quickly take down enemies and control the battlefield. If you enjoy playing as a ninja and want to deal massive damage in close-quarters combat, Whirlwind Scorch is definitely worth trying out.

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