Where Do You Find a Lost City in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a “Lost City” typically refers to an abandoned or ruined city that may contain rare loot, unique structures, or interesting features. These cities can be difficult to find as they are often hidden and spread out across the world. However, here are some tips on how to find a Lost City in Minecraft:

Look for Biomes with Structures

Lost Cities are most commonly found in certain biomes that have structures, such as deserts, jungles, and mesas. Explore these biomes thoroughly to increase your chances of finding a Lost City.

Use a Map

Using a map can help you keep track of the areas you have explored and identify any potential Lost Cities nearby. Maps can be created by combining a compass and paper, and they can be zoomed in and out to show more or less detail.

Listen For Sounds

Lost Cities often have unique sounds or music that can be heard from a distance. Pay attention to any unusual sounds you hear while exploring to see if they lead you to a Lost City.

Use Mods

There are several mods available for Minecraft that add Lost Cities to the game, making them easier to find. These mods include “Lost Cities” and “Roguelike Dungeons”.

Check Online Resources

There are many online resources, such as forums, wikis, and YouTube videos, that provide information and tips on how to find Lost Cities in Minecraft. These resources can be helpful in identifying potential locations and strategies for finding Lost Cities.


Fnding a Lost City in Minecraft can be challenging, but exploring biomes with structures, using a map, listening for sounds, using mods, and checking online resources can all increase your chances of success.

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