What is Exotic Weapon in Fortnite?

Exotic weapons are a type of weapon in Fortnite that are unique and powerful, with special features and abilities that set them apart from other weapons in the game.

These weapons are often harder to obtain than regular weapons, and are typically only available through trading with specific Non-Player Characters (NPCs) located throughout the game’s map.

Each exotic weapon has its own set of unique abilities and attributes that make them valuable in different situations. For example, the “Shadow Tracker” exotic pistol allows players to track their enemies for a short time after hitting them, while the “Storm Scout” exotic sniper rifle allows players to see the location of upcoming storm circles, making it easier to plan their movements and avoid danger.

Exotic weapons can also be upgraded by spending in-game currency or completing certain challenges. This can enhance their abilities and make them even more powerful, making them highly sought-after by players who want to gain an edge in battle.

Here are 10 popular exotic weapons in Fortnite:

  1. Shadow Tracker (Exotic Pistol)
  2. Storm Scout (Exotic Sniper Rifle)
  3. The Dub (Exotic Shotgun)
  4. Night Hawk (Exotic Revolver)
  5. Grappler Bow (Exotic Bow)
  6. Chug Cannon (Exotic Healing Cannon)
  7. Marksman Six Shooter (Exotic Pistol)
  8. Hop Rock Dualies (Exotic Dual Pistols)
  9. Exotic Shockwave Launcher
  10. Plasma Cannon (Exotic Assault Rifle)

Exotic weapons add a new layer of depth and strategy to the game, giving players the opportunity to obtain powerful and unique weapons that can help them succeed in battle.

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