What is Endermen in Minecraft?

Endermen are one of the many unique mobs (enemies) found in the game of Minecraft. They are tall, black, and thin creatures with glowing purple eyes that can teleport short distances and pick up and move certain blocks. In this post, we will discuss the history, behavior, and uses of Endermen in Minecraft.

History & Background of Endermen

Endermen were first introduced to Minecraft in the “Adventure Update” (version 1.8) in September 2011. They were inspired by the popular internet meme “Slender Man”, which features a tall, faceless figure in a suit.

The name “Endermen” is a combination of the words “end” and “slenderman”, referencing their association with the End dimension and their tall, slender appearance.

Behavior and Characteristics of Endermen

Endermen are neutral mobs, meaning that they will not attack the player unless provoked. However, if the player looks directly at an Enderman’s eyes, it will become aggressive and attack.

Endermen have several unique behaviors that make them stand out from other mobs in Minecraft. They are able to teleport short distances, which allows them to avoid attacks and move quickly across the game world.

Endermen can also pick up and move certain blocks, such as grass, dirt, and stone. They will drop the block they are carrying if attacked or if the player uses a water bucket or a snowball to hit them.

Endermen have a weakness to water and will take damage if they come into contact with it. They are also vulnerable to fire and take damage if they are on fire.

Uses of Endermen in Minecraft

Endermen have several uses in Minecraft beyond just being a unique and interesting mob. Here are a few examples:

  1. Ender pearls: When an Enderman is killed, it has a chance to drop an Ender pearl. These pearls can be used to craft an Eye of Ender, which is used to locate Strongholds in Minecraft.
  2. Moving blocks: Endermen can be used to move blocks around in Minecraft. By provoking an Enderman and causing it to pick up a block, players can move the block to a different location.
  3. Decorative purposes: Endermen can be used for decorative purposes in Minecraft. Players can build structures around Endermen to create interesting and unique designs.


Endermen are one of the many unique mobs found in Minecraft. With their teleportation ability and block-moving capabilities, they offer a unique challenge to players and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Whether you are looking to use them for practical purposes or just for fun, Endermen are a fascinating part of the Minecraft world.

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