What is Dominus in Roblox?

Dominus is a rare and highly coveted series of hats in Roblox. These hats are some of the most expensive and valuable items in the game, often selling for thousands of Robux (Roblox’s virtual currency) on the Roblox marketplace. The Dominus series of hats is easily recognizable by their distinct appearance, which features a gold and black design with glowing eyes.

There are currently 14 different Dominus hats available in Roblox, each with its own unique design and rarity. Some of the most popular and sought-after Dominus hats include the Dominus Empyreus, the Dominus Frigidus, and the Dominus Messor.

The prices of Dominus hats in Roblox can vary widely depending on the rarity, demand, and availability of each hat. Here is a list of all the Dominus hats currently available in Roblox, along with their estimated prices in Robux and USD as of 2022:

  1. Dominus Empyreus – Estimated price: 9,800,000 Robux ($39,200 USD)
  2. Dominus Frigidus – Estimated price: 20,000,000 Robux ($80,000 USD)
  3. Dominus Aureus – Estimated price: 3,500,000 Robux ($14,000 USD)
  4. Dominus Infernus – Estimated price: 7,500,000 Robux ($30,000 USD)
  5. Dominus Praefectus – Estimated price: 9,500,000 Robux ($38,000 USD)
  6. Dominus Vespertilio – Estimated price: 3,000,000 Robux ($12,000 USD)
  7. Dominus Claves – Estimated price: 4,000,000 Robux ($16,000 USD)
  8. Dominus Astra – Estimated price: 3,000,000 Robux ($12,000 USD)
  9. Dominus Pittacium – Estimated price: 1,000,000 Robux ($4,000 USD)
  10. Dominus Venari – Estimated price: 8,500,000 Robux ($34,000 USD)
  11. Dominus Fractus – Estimated price: 10,000,000 Robux ($40,000 USD)
  12. Dominus Rex – Estimated price: 41,000 Robux ($164 USD)
  13. Dominus Empyreus Aureus – Estimated price: 50,000 Robux ($200 USD)
  14. Dominus Galaxia – Estimated price: 100,000 Robux ($400 USD)


Acquiring a Dominus hat in Roblox can be difficult, as they are only available for a limited time during special events or through exclusive sales. Some Dominus hats are also given out as prizes in Roblox-sponsored contests or events.

As a result, Dominus hats have become a symbol of status and prestige among the Roblox community, and owning one is considered a major achievement for many players.

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