What does the goat horn do in Minecraft?

The goat horn is a new item introduced in the Minecraft 1.17 update. It is dropped by goats, which are a new mob that can be found in mountains biomes. The goat horn is primarily used as a tool for summoning lightning.

When a player uses a goat horn, it emits a loud sound that can be heard from a distance. If the player is holding a trident, the lightning will strike the player’s location, dealing damage to any nearby mobs. If the player is not holding a trident, the lightning will strike a random location within a certain radius of the player.

In addition to summoning lightning, the goat horn can also be used to scare away nearby mobs. When used, it emits a loud noise that causes nearby mobs to flee in fear. This can be useful for escaping dangerous situations or clearing out hostile mobs from an area.

Overall, the goat horn is a unique and useful item in Minecraft that adds new gameplay mechanics and strategies for players to explore.

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