wanderer guide genshin impact

Wanderer is a character in Genshin Impact who specializes in using the bow and arrow to deal ranged damage to enemies. She is a 5-star character, which means she is a rare and powerful addition to any team.

Normal Attack

Wanderer’s normal attack involves firing arrows at enemies from a distance. Each arrow deals physical damage, which means it can be affected by enemy defense stats. The final arrow in her combo fires multiple arrows at once, dealing additional damage.

Charged Attack

Wanderer’s charged attack involves charging up an arrow for a powerful shot that deals physical damage to enemies. Holding the attack button down for longer will result in a stronger shot.

Plunging Attack

Wanderer’s plunging attack involves diving towards enemies from the air and firing an arrow at them. This attack deals physical damage to enemies.

Elemental Skill

Wind Wheel Aster is Wanderer’s elemental skill, which involves summoning a spinning wheel of wind that deals Anemo damage to enemies in its path. The wind wheel also creates a vacuum that can pull enemies towards it, making it a useful tool for crowd control.

Elemental Burst

Eye of the Storm is Wanderer’s elemental burst, which involves summoning a storm that deals Anemo damage to enemies in its area of effect. The storm also creates a barrier that reduces damage taken by Wanderer and her allies.

Passive Talents

Wanderer’s passive talents include Windward Artistry, which increases her movement speed by 10% and reduces stamina consumption when climbing by 10%, and Bewildering Whirlwind, which increases the duration of Wind Wheel Aster by 2 seconds.


Wanderer’s constellations provide additional benefits to her skills and attacks. For example, the first constellation, Wind Strider, increases the level of Eye of the Storm by three, while the fourth constellation, Sojourner of Immovable Winds, increases the level of Wind Wheel Aster by three.

Final Thoughts

Wanderer is a powerful character that can deal high amounts of physical and Anemo damage from a distance, making her a great addition to any team.

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