How to Play Vintage-Tech Penny in Fortnite?

Vintage-Tech Penny is a Constructor hero in Fortnite, with a focus on area control and defense. She has the unique ability to increase the radius of her Plasma Pulse mines by 40%, which can be very effective in slowing down and damaging enemy waves. Here is a guide on how to play Vintage-Tech Penny:

Story of Vintage-Tech Penny

Penny is a skilled mechanic who is always looking to innovate and improve her gadgets. She has a passion for old technology and loves to find new uses for it. When the Husks invaded, she saw it as an opportunity to test her inventions and fight for the greater good.

Perks of Vintage-Tech Penny

Vintage-Tech Penny’s perk, Malfunction, increases the radius of her Plasma Pulse mines by 40%. This allows her to cover a larger area and deal more damage to incoming enemies. She also has access to other Constructor perks that increase her building and hardware damage, making her a versatile hero in combat.

Skills of Vintage-Tech Penny

  • Plasma Pulse: This skill deploys a field of plasma mines that deals energy damage to any Husks that come within range. With Vintage-Tech Penny’s Malfunction perk, the range and damage of these mines are increased, making them very effective in controlling enemy waves.
  • R.O.S.I.E.: This skill deploys a mounted machine gun that can be used to shoot at incoming Husks. It has a limited amount of ammo, but can deal a lot of damage before running out.
  • DECOY: This skill deploys a holographic decoy that distracts enemies and draws their fire. It can be useful in taking the heat off of other players or structures.

How to Play Vintage-Tech Penny?

Vintage-Tech Penny is best played as a defender in Survive the Storm or other timed missions. She can set up a defensive perimeter using her Plasma Pulse mines and DECOY, while providing supporting fire with her R.O.S.I.E. machine gun. It is important to place the mines strategically to maximize their range and damage potential, and to use DECOY to lure enemies away from important structures.

When playing as Vintage-Tech Penny, it is also important to prioritize upgrading and repairing structures, as she has bonuses to building and hardware damage. She can also be effective in close combat with her hardware weapons, especially when using her Plasma Pulse and DECOY to control the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

Vintage-Tech Penny is a versatile Constructor hero with a unique focus on area control and defense. Her Plasma Pulse mines, R.O.S.I.E. machine gun, and DECOY skills make her an effective defender, while her building and hardware damage perks make her a valuable team player in any mission.

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