How to Play Varsity Hiro in Fortnite?

Varsity Hiro is a football-themed Ninja hero in Fortnite. He is a unique hero with a mix of crowd control and damage abilities. Let’s take a look at his Story, Perks, Skills, and how to play him.

Story of Varsity Hiro

Hiro was once a high school football star before the storm hit. He now uses his athletic skills to battle the Husks and defend the survivors.

Perks of Varsity Hiro

Varsity Hiro has a unique perk called Fumble. When an enemy is eliminated, there is a 7% chance they will drop a football. Picking up a football grants the Rockin’ Riff ability. This can provide a powerful buff to teammates nearby.

Skills of Varsity Hiro

  • Kunai Storm: Hiro throws a cluster of Kunai knives that deal damage in a small area.
  • Crescent Kick: Hiro performs a crescent kick that deals damage in a cone.
  • Smoke Bomb: Hiro deploys a smoke bomb that creates a cloud of smoke, stunning enemies inside and making them more vulnerable to melee attacks.

How to Play Varsity Hiro?

Varsity Hiro is a melee-focused Ninja, and his abilities are suited for close-range combat. He can use Smoke Bomb to create a distraction and deal damage to enemies while he gets close. Once in melee range, he can use Crescent Kick to knock back enemies and follow up with Kunai Storm for high damage. His Fumble perk adds a unique twist to gameplay, as players can pick up the footballs dropped by enemies and gain Rockin’ Riff to help support their team.

Final Thoughts

Varsity Hiro is a fun and unique hero to play in Fortnite. His football theme adds a bit of personality to the game, and his abilities are effective in close-range combat. His Fumble perk can add some unexpected moments to gameplay and make for some exciting team plays.

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