How to Play Valkyrie Rio in Fortnite?

Valkyrie Rio is a powerful Outlander hero in Fortnite, with a focus on crowd control and melee combat. She has a unique set of perks that increase her melee damage and add knockback to her Anti-Material Charge ability. Her skills include Phase Shift, Seismic Smash, and T.E.D.D.Y.

Story of Valkyrie Rio

According to the Fortnite lore, Valkyrie Rio is a fierce warrior from the north who joined the fight against the Husks. She uses her combat skills and knowledge of the land to defeat her enemies and protect the survivors.

Perks of Valkyrie Rio

Valkyrie Rio’s Kinetic Punch perk is particularly useful for taking out groups of husks quickly. It adds knockback to her Anti-Material Charge ability, which allows her to charge into a group of enemies and knock them down. This can be particularly effective when combined with her Seismic Smash ability, which creates a shockwave that can stun and damage enemies.

Skills of Valkyrie Rio

Valkyrie Rio’s Phase Shift ability allows her to quickly move out of danger and reposition herself in combat. Seismic Smash is a powerful ability that creates a shockwave, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. T.E.D.D.Y. is a deployable turret that can provide additional firepower and crowd control.

How to Play Valkyrie Rio?

To play Valkyrie Rio effectively, it’s important to use her melee combat abilities in conjunction with her crowd control abilities. Use her Kinetic Punch perk to knock back enemies with her Anti-Material Charge ability, and follow up with Seismic Smash to stun and damage them. T.E.D.D.Y. can be used to provide additional damage and crowd control, particularly when combined with other abilities like Shock Tower or Frag Grenade.

Final Thoughts

Valkyrie Rio is a versatile Outlander hero that can be a great addition to any team. Her Kinetic Punch perk and melee combat abilities make her particularly effective against groups of husks, while her crowd control abilities can help protect the team and deal damage to enemies. When playing as Valkyrie Rio, it’s important to focus on her strengths and use her abilities in a coordinated way with the rest of the team.

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