How to Play Undercover Vaughn in Fortnite?

Undercover Vaughn is a soldier hero in Fortnite Save the World. He specializes in dealing high damage with grenades and dual-wielding pistols. He has the unique perk of Grenade Damage, which increases the damage dealt by Frag Grenades by 36%. Additionally, his skills are Frag Grenade, Lefty and Righty, and Shockwave.

Story of Undercover Vaughn

Undercover Vaughn was once a covert agent who worked for a secret government agency. After a dangerous mission went wrong, he was forced to flee and go into hiding. Now, he fights against the Husks, using his skills to protect the survivors and help defeat the Storm.

Perks of Undercover Vaughn

Undercover Vaughn’s main perk is Grenade Damage, which increases the damage dealt by Frag Grenades by 36%. This makes him a powerful hero when it comes to dealing with groups of enemies. His other perks are standard soldier perks, such as Debilitating Shots, where shots deal extra damage and apply a slowing effect, and War Cry, which increases damage output for both him and nearby allies.

Skills of Undercover Vaughn

Undercover Vaughn has three unique skills. His first skill is Frag Grenade, which is a powerful explosive that deals high damage to a large area. His second skill is Lefty and Righty, where he dual-wields pistols that deal high damage for a short duration. Lastly, his third skill is Shockwave, which deals area-of-effect damage and knocks back enemies.

How to Play Undercover Vaughn?

To play as Undercover Vaughn, you should focus on using his Frag Grenade skill to deal damage to groups of enemies. With his Grenade Damage perk, his grenades will be even more effective. Additionally, his Lefty and Righty skill is useful for quickly dealing with enemies up close, while his Shockwave skill is great for crowd control.

Final Thoughts

Undercover Vaughn is a powerful hero for players who enjoy dealing high damage with explosives and pistols. His Grenade Damage perk makes him particularly effective with Frag Grenades, while his other skills provide versatility and crowd control. He’s a great choice for players who enjoy playing as soldiers and want to take out large groups of enemies quickly.

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