How to Play Undercover Buzz in Fortnite?

Undercover Buzz is a part of the IO organization and has been sent to the Island to gather intel and complete missions. Her main objective is to take down the Imagined Order, a mysterious group with sinister motives.

Perks of Undercover Buzz

Undercover Buzz’s main perk is Gadgeteer, which decreases the cooldown of her gadgets by 20%. This allows her to use gadgets like Shock Tower and Seismic Smash more frequently, making her a versatile and powerful hero in combat.

Skills of Undercover Buzz

Undercover Buzz’s three skills are Phase Shift, Seismic Smash, and Shock Tower. Phase Shift allows her to quickly move through the battlefield, dodging attacks and positioning herself for strategic advantage. Seismic Smash creates a powerful shockwave that damages and knocks back enemies, making it great for crowd control. Shock Tower deploys a device that zaps nearby enemies with electricity, dealing damage over time and stunning them.

How to Play Undercover Buzz?

As Undercover Buzz, you should focus on using your gadgets to control the battlefield. Start by using Phase Shift to get into a good position, and then deploy Seismic Smash to knock back and damage groups of enemies. Follow up with Shock Tower to stun and damage enemies even more. With Gadgeteer, you’ll be able to use these skills more often, so make sure to use them whenever they’re available.

Undercover Buzz is a great hero for players who like to be mobile and deal damage from a distance. With her gadgets and quick movement, she can quickly take down enemies and complete missions with ease.

Final Thoughts

Undercover Buzz is a versatile and powerful hero with a unique playstyle. Her Gadgeteer perk and powerful skills make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. If you enjoy playing as an Outlander hero and like to use gadgets to control the battlefield, then Undercover Buzz is definitely worth checking out.

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