How to Play Tricera Ops Ramirez?

Tricera Ops Ramirez is a fierce Soldier hero in Fortnite, known for her strong defensive abilities and healing powers.

Perks & Skills of Tricera Ops Ramirez

Her unique perk, Saurian Vigor, allows her to heal 2.125% of her maximum health every 5 seconds, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

In terms of combat skills, Tricera Ops Ramirez has access to Shockwave, Frag Grenade, and Goin’ Commando!!!. Shockwave allows her to deal area-of-effect damage to enemies, Frag Grenade is great for taking out clusters of enemies or breaking down structures, and Goin’ Commando!!! lets her unleash a barrage of bullets from a mounted machine gun.

How to Play Tricera Ops Ramirez?

To play Tricera Ops Ramirez effectively, it’s important to make use of her healing abilities and defensive skills. Use Shockwave and Frag Grenade to clear out groups of enemies, and activate Goin’ Commando!!! when facing larger enemies or crowds. Make sure to stay aware of your health bar and use cover to avoid taking too much damage.

Tricera Ops Ramirez is a great hero for players who prefer a defensive playstyle, as her healing abilities allow her to sustain herself for longer periods of time. Her unique perk also makes her a valuable asset in team situations, as she can help keep her allies alive as well.

In terms of loadout and support heroes, Tricera Ops Ramirez works well with heroes that increase her defensive capabilities or provide additional healing. For example, pairing her with Survivalist Jonesy or Survivalist Ramirez can increase her overall survivability. For tactical bonuses, consider using heroes that increase Shockwave’s effectiveness, such as Shock Specialist A.C.

Final Thoughts

Tricera Ops Ramirez is a strong Soldier hero with great defensive and healing abilities. She is a great choice for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle or who want to focus on supporting their team.

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