How to Play Thunderstrike Mari in Fortnite?

Thunderstrike Mari is a former soldier who became a ninja after learning about the power of the storm. She uses her combat skills and the power of the storm to defeat enemies and protect her allies.

Perks of Thunderstrike Mari

Thunderstrike Mari’s main perk is Dragon Daze, which allows her to stun nearby enemies for 1 second when her shield depletes. This perk is especially useful when facing large groups of enemies, as it can help to stun them and prevent them from attacking for a brief period.

Skills of Thunderstrike Mari

Thunderstrike Mari’s skills are Crescent Kick, Smoke Bomb, and Dragon Slash. Crescent Kick is a powerful kick that deals damage in a wide arc in front of Mari, and it can also knock back enemies. Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that blinds enemies and deals damage over time. Dragon Slash is a powerful sword attack that creates a wave of energy that deals damage to enemies in its path.

How to Play Thunderstrike Mari?

Thunderstrike Mari is a melee-focused hero, so players should focus on getting up close to enemies and using her skills to deal damage. Crescent Kick is a great way to start a fight, as it can knock back enemies and deal damage to multiple targets at once. Smoke Bomb is useful for creating a temporary safe zone and dealing damage over time to enemies. Dragon Slash is Mari’s most powerful skill, and it should be saved for tougher enemies or large groups of enemies.

In terms of building, Thunderstrike Mari benefits from structures that have B.A.S.E. attached, as it allows her to electrify the floors and deal damage to enemies standing on them. Players should also focus on building walls and traps to protect themselves and their allies, as Thunderstrike Mari’s melee attacks leave her vulnerable to counterattacks.

Final Thoughts

Thunderstrike Mari is a powerful melee hero with great crowd control abilities. Her Dragon Daze perk can be especially useful in tough fights, and her skills allow her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Players who enjoy playing up close and personal will find Thunderstrike Mari to be a fun and effective hero to play.

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