How to Play Thunder Thora in Fortnite?

Thunder Thora is a Constructor hero in Fortnite with a unique set of skills and perks that make her a powerful choice for any player who wants to defend their structures. This guide will cover her story, perks, skills, how to play her, and final thoughts.

Story of Thunder Thora

Thunder Thora is a former electrical engineer who joined the fight against the Husks after they destroyed her laboratory. Using her knowledge of electricity, Thunder Thora has created a powerful B.A.S.E. that electrifies any structure she builds, damaging any enemies that come into contact with it.

Perks of Thunder Thora

Thunder Thora’s primary perk is Electrified Floors, which deals energy damage to enemies standing on any structure affected by her B.A.S.E. Her secondary perk is Kinetic Overload, which deals extra damage with melee weapons after using Bull Rush or her hardware weapon.

Skills of Thunder Thora

  1. Plasma Pulse – Deploys a device that creates a damaging pulse every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds.
  2. Bull Rush – Charges forward 3 tiles, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back. Kinetic Overload is activated after using this ability.
  3. DECOY – Deploys a holographic decoy that distracts and taunts enemies for 12 seconds.

How to Play Thunder Thora?

Thunder Thora is a defensive Constructor who excels at protecting structures. Her Electrified Floors perk makes her B.A.S.E. invaluable for dealing damage to any enemy that comes into contact with your defenses. Use Bull Rush to push enemies away from your structures and activate Kinetic Overload for extra damage. Plasma Pulse can be used to deal additional damage and clear out groups of enemies. DECOY can be used to distract and taunt enemies, drawing them away from your structures.

Final Thoughts

Thunder Thora is a unique and powerful Constructor hero that can help players defend their structures effectively. Her B.A.S.E. and Electrified Floors perk can make her an essential part of any defense strategy, and her melee abilities and Plasma Pulse provide additional damage options. Overall, Thunder Thora is an excellent choice for players who enjoy playing defensively and want to keep their structures safe.

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