The Cloaked Star fortnite guide

The Cloaked Star is a unique and powerful Ninja hero in Fortnite, who specializes in using throwing stars to take down enemies. In this guide, we will cover his story, perks, skills, how to play him, and final thoughts.

Story of The Cloaked Star

The Cloaked Star is a mysterious figure who has arrived in Fortnite to seek out and defeat his nemesis, the Storm King. Little is known about his past, but his reputation as a skilled fighter precedes him.

Perks of The Cloaked Star

The Cloaked Star’s main perk is Fan Of Stars, which allows him to throw all his Throwing Stars together in an arc, adding an additional star. This makes him particularly deadly against groups of enemies. In addition, he has the standard Ninja perks of increased jump height and running speed, as well as Shadow Stance, which gives him temporary invincibility after defeating an enemy.

Skills of The Cloaked Star

The Cloaked Star’s three skills are Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick, and Smoke Bomb. Throwing Stars is his primary weapon, and he can throw them rapidly to deal damage to enemies from range. Crescent Kick allows him to perform a powerful kick that deals damage in a wide area, while Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that obscures enemies’ vision and slows them down.

How to Play The Cloaked Star?

The Cloaked Star is an excellent choice for players who prefer a mobile, hit-and-run playstyle. Use his Throwing Stars to deal damage from range, and take advantage of Fan Of Stars to hit multiple enemies at once. His Crescent Kick is a powerful area-of-effect attack that can take out groups of enemies, while Smoke Bomb can be used to create cover and slow down enemies chasing you.

Final Thoughts

The Cloaked Star is a unique and powerful hero that excels in dealing damage from range and taking out groups of enemies. His Fan Of Stars perk and Throwing Stars skill make him particularly deadly against groups of enemies, while his mobility and Shadow Stance ability make him hard to take down. Overall, he is a strong choice for players who enjoy a fast-paced and agile playstyle.

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