How to Play Swordmaster Ken in Fortnite?

Swordmaster Ken is a powerful Ninja hero in Fortnite who specializes in sword combat. In this guide, we will explore his story, perks, skills, and provide tips on how to play this hero effectively.

Story of Swordmaster Ken

Swordmaster Ken is a skilled swordsman and a master of the ancient art of sword combat. He is dedicated to defeating the Husks and protecting the people of Fortnite with his deadly sword skills.

Perks & Skills of Swordmaster Ken

Swordmaster Ken’s Legendary Blade perk increases sword damage by 25% during Shadow Stance. This allows him to deal massive damage to enemies while also being more resistant to damage. Swordmaster Ken has three skills: Smoke Bomb, Throwing Stars, and Dragon Slash.

  • Smoke Bomb: This ability creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision and slows enemies within its radius.
  • Throwing Stars: This ability allows Swordmaster Ken to throw a flurry of shurikens that deal damage to enemies.
  • Dragon Slash: This ability unleashes a powerful sword strike that deals damage in a wide arc in front of Swordmaster Ken.

How to Play Swordmaster Ken?

Swordmaster Ken is a melee-focused hero who excels in close combat situations. Here are some tips on how to play him effectively:

  1. Use Smoke Bomb to obscure your enemies’ vision and slow them down. This will give you an advantage in close combat situations.
  2. Use Throwing Stars to deal damage from a distance before closing in for a melee attack.
  3. Activate Shadow Stance by using your melee attacks. This will increase your sword damage and make you more resistant to damage.
  4. Use Dragon Slash to deal massive damage to groups of enemies. This ability is especially effective when surrounded by multiple enemies.
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting surrounded by enemies. Use your mobility to your advantage to maneuver around the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

Swordmaster Ken is a deadly hero who excels in close combat situations. By mastering his skills and using his perks strategically, you can become a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Always be mindful of your surroundings and use your mobility to your advantage to outmaneuver your enemies and emerge victorious.

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