Sergeant Jonesy fortnite guide

Sergeant Jonesy is a powerful soldier hero in Fortnite with strong abilities that make him ideal for engaging in battle and dealing damage to large groups of enemies. Here’s a guide on the Story, Perks, Skills, and how to play as Sergeant Jonesy:

Story of Sergeant Jonesy

Sergeant Jonesy is a seasoned soldier who has fought in numerous battles and has the skills to take down any enemy that comes his way. He is a fearless fighter who is always ready for a challenge and will not back down from any fight. His combat experience and leadership skills make him a valuable asset to any team that he is a part of.

Perks of Sergeant Jonesy

Sergeant Jonesy’s main perk is Ain’t Done Yet, which increases the duration of his Goin’ Commando ability by 5 seconds. This allows him to deal even more damage and take out more enemies during the duration of the ability.

Skills of Sergeant Jonesy

Sergeant Jonesy has three powerful skills that he can use in battle:

  1. Goin’ Commando!!!: This ability allows Sergeant Jonesy to use a powerful machine gun to deal massive damage to enemies. The ability lasts for a limited time but can be extended with the Ain’t Done Yet perk.
  2. War Cry: This ability boosts the damage output of Sergeant Jonesy and any nearby allies for a short period of time.
  3. Shockwave: This ability causes a wave of energy to emanate from Sergeant Jonesy, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back.

How to Play Sergeant Jonesy?

Sergeant Jonesy is best played as a damage dealer who can take out large groups of enemies quickly. His Goin’ Commando ability is particularly effective at dealing damage to crowds of enemies, while his Shockwave can be used to knock them back and create some distance. His War Cry ability is useful for boosting his own damage output as well as that of his allies, making him a valuable team player.

When playing as Sergeant Jonesy, it’s important to be aggressive and take the fight to the enemy. He is a frontline fighter who excels at dealing damage up close, so be sure to position him where he can take advantage of his abilities and take out as many enemies as possible.

Final Thoughts

Sergeant Jonesy is a strong soldier hero with the ability to deal significant damage to large groups of enemies. His Goin’ Commando ability, in particular, is a force to be reckoned with, and his War Cry can provide a valuable damage boost for his team. If you’re looking for a hero who can dish out a lot of damage quickly, Sergeant Jonesy is a great choice.

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