Sentry Gunner Airheart fortnite guide

Sentry Gunner Airheart is a character who was introduced in Fortnite: Save the World. She is a constructor hero who uses her R.O.S.I.E. turret to deal heavy damage to enemies.

Perks & Skills of Sentry Gunner Airheart

Sentry Gunner Airheart has the War of the R.O.S.I.E. perk, which increases R.O.S.I.E. damage by 25%. This makes her R.O.S.I.E. turret even more deadly.

Her three skills are R.O.S.I.E., Plasma Pulse, and DECOY. R.O.S.I.E. is a powerful turret that deals heavy damage to enemies. Plasma Pulse is an area of effect skill that deals energy damage to enemies within its range. DECOY is a decoy device that distracts and draws enemy fire away from players.

How to Play Sentry Gunner Airheart?

Sentry Gunner Airheart is a powerful defensive hero who can control the battlefield with her R.O.S.I.E. turret and DECOY. Use R.O.S.I.E. to deal heavy damage to enemies and take out large groups of enemies. Plasma Pulse can be used to deal with enemies that are clustered together. DECOY can be used to draw enemy fire away from players and towards the decoy device.

Final Thoughts

Sentry Gunner Airheart is a great hero for players who want to focus on defense and control. Her R.O.S.I.E. turret is a powerful weapon that can deal with large groups of enemies, and DECOY is great for drawing enemy fire away from players. If you enjoy playing a more defensive role in Fortnite: Save the World, Sentry Gunner Airheart is a hero worth considering.

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