Sea Wolf Jonesy fortnite guide

Sea Wolf Jonesy is a soldier hero in Fortnite Save the World. He is a pirate-themed hero and has the ability to deal massive area-of-effect damage with his Shockwave ability.

Story of Sea Wolf Jonesy

Jonesy was a sailor on a merchant vessel when it was attacked and sunk by pirates. He managed to survive and joined the pirates, becoming a feared member of their crew. However, he eventually left the life of piracy and joined the fight against the Husks.

Perks of Sea Wolf Jonesy

Sea Wolf Jonesy’s main perk is High Tide, which increases the damage of his Shockwave ability by 55%. This makes his Shockwave even more devastating and effective against groups of enemies.

Skills of Sea Wolf Jonesy

Sea Wolf Jonesy’s three skills are Shockwave, Lefty and Righty, and War Cry.

Shockwave creates a powerful wave of force that deals heavy damage to all enemies in its area of effect, knocking them back and potentially stunning them.

Lefty and Righty allows Jonesy to dual-wield pistols for a short period of time, dealing a high amount of damage to enemies.

War Cry boosts the damage output of Jonesy and any nearby allies, making it a great skill to use when facing tough enemies or large groups of Husks.

How to Play Sea Wolf Jonesy?

As a soldier hero, Sea Wolf Jonesy is best played as a damage dealer. His Shockwave ability is great for taking out large groups of enemies, while Lefty and Righty can be used to deal massive damage to tougher enemies. War Cry can be used to boost the damage output of Jonesy and his teammates, making it a great ability to use in tougher battles.

When playing as Sea Wolf Jonesy, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and make use of cover when necessary. Try to group up enemies with Shockwave and then use Lefty and Righty to take them out quickly. Use War Cry when you’re facing tough enemies or when you need to deal more damage.

Final Thoughts

Sea Wolf Jonesy is a great hero to have on your team if you need a strong damage dealer. His Shockwave ability is one of the best in the game for dealing with groups of enemies, while his other skills make him a versatile and deadly hero. If you’re looking for a hero who can dish out a lot of damage, Sea Wolf Jonesy is a great choice.

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