how to play sayu in genshin impact

Sayu is a new 4-star Anemo-element character in Genshin Impact, introduced in the game’s version 2.0 update. She is a tiny ninja from the Inazuma region and is quickly becoming a fan favorite among players. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Sayu’s skills, talents, and playstyle.

Skills & Talents

Sayu’s Elemental Skill is Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry, which allows her to summon a playful Tanuki that deals Anemo damage to enemies in its path. The Tanuki also has a chance to generate a shield that absorbs damage and increases movement speed.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst is Yoohoo Art: Silhouette, which creates a powerful Anemo vortex that deals continuous damage to enemies within its radius. This skill is also useful for crowd control, as it lifts enemies into the air and immobilizes them.

Sayu’s talents also make her a unique and versatile character. Her first talent, Comfy, increases her stamina consumption and decreases her Elemental Skill cooldown. Her second talent, Trickster, increases her damage against enemies affected by her Elemental Skill or Burst.

Playstyle of Soyu

Sayu is a versatile character that can be used in a variety of roles. She is an excellent support character, providing crowd control, elemental reactions, and shields to other characters. Her Tanuki summon is also useful for generating shields and increasing movement speed, making her an ideal choice for exploration.

One popular strategy for Sayu is to use her in conjunction with other Anemo-element characters, such as Venti or Sucrose. The combination of Anemo and Anemo creates powerful elemental reactions that deal massive damage to enemies.

Builds of Sayu

Sayu’s primary stat is Energy Recharge, which allows her to quickly charge up her Elemental Burst and provide consistent crowd control. Players can also invest in her Anemo damage bonus, which increases the damage of her Elemental Skill and Burst.

For weapons, Sayu is best suited for the Windblume Ode or the Favonius Warbow. The Windblume Ode increases her Elemental Mastery and damage, while the Favonius Warbow provides additional Energy Recharge and a chance to generate Elemental Particles upon a critical hit.

Final Thoughts

Sayu is a unique and versatile character in Genshin Impact, with excellent crowd control abilities and the ability to generate shields and increase movement speed.

Her playful personality and unique design also make her a fan favorite among players. By utilizing her skills and talents effectively, players can unlock Sayu’s full potential and dominate their enemies.

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