Sarah Hotep fortnite guide

Sarah Hotep is a powerful Ninja hero who has returned to the battlefield to fight against the Husks. She is known for her mastery of the Dragon Slash ability, which allows her to deal heavy damage to enemies in a wide area.

Perks & Skills of Sarah Hotep

Sarah Hotep’s main perk is Return of the Dragon, which decreases the Energy Cost of her Dragon Slash ability by 30%. This allows her to use it more frequently in battle and deal more damage to enemies. Here is the 3 skills of Sarah Hotep:

  • Dragon Slash: This ability allows Sarah Hotep to dash forward in a straight line, damaging all enemies in her path. It has a wide range and can deal a lot of damage, making it great for clearing out groups of enemies.
  • Throwing Stars: This ability allows Sarah Hotep to throw a barrage of shurikens at enemies, dealing damage over a wide area. It’s a good way to soften up enemies before using Dragon Slash.
  • Smoke Bomb: This ability creates a cloud of smoke that damages and slows enemies in the area. It’s great for getting out of sticky situations or for setting up combos with other abilities.

How to Play Sarah Hotep?

As Sarah Hotep, you’ll want to use Dragon Slash as often as possible to deal heavy damage to groups of enemies. You can use Throwing Stars to soften them up first, or Smoke Bomb to slow them down and make them easier to hit. Make sure to manage your Energy wisely, as Dragon Slash can be costly.

Final Thoughts

Sarah Hotep is a great hero for players who enjoy dealing massive damage to groups of enemies. Her Dragon Slash ability is one of the strongest in the game, and with the Return of the Dragon perk, she can use it more frequently than other heroes. If you like playing as a Ninja and want to focus on dealing damage to groups of enemies, Sarah Hotep is definitely worth checking out.

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