Sanguine Dusk fortnite guide

Sanguine Dusk is a vampire-themed Outlander hero in Fortnite, introduced during the Fortnitemares event. She has the perk Phase Siphon which allows her to heal for each enemy she passes through while using Phase Shift, making her a great hero for mobility and survivability. Her abilities include Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and Seismic Smash.

Skill of Sanguine Dusk

Phase Shift allows Sanguine Dusk to quickly teleport a short distance, making her harder to hit by enemies and allowing her to move quickly across the battlefield. Shock Tower deploys a device that emits electric bolts, damaging nearby enemies. Seismic Smash is a powerful ground slam that can knock back and damage multiple enemies in an area.

Perks of Sanguine Dusk

Sanguine Dusk’s perks are focused on enhancing her mobility and survivability. Her Phase Siphon perk allows her to quickly move through groups of enemies while healing herself, making her an excellent hero for surviving in difficult situations.

Her Shock Tower ability can be used to quickly take down groups of enemies, while her Seismic Smash is great for dealing with tough enemies or for crowd control.

How to Play Sanguine Dusk?

To play Sanguine Dusk effectively, focus on using her Phase Shift to move around quickly and avoid enemy attacks. Use Shock Tower to take out groups of weaker enemies, and save Seismic Smash for tougher foes. Her Phase Siphon perk also means that she benefits from getting up close and personal with enemies, so don’t be afraid to engage in close combat when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Sanguine Dusk is a fun and unique hero to play, with a focus on mobility and survivability. Her Phase Siphon perk allows her to quickly heal herself while moving through groups of enemies, making her a great hero for solo play or for supporting a team. If you enjoy playing Outlanders and want a hero that is both fun and effective, Sanguine Dusk is definitely worth checking out.

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