Samurai Scrapper fortnite guide

Samurai Scrapper is a unique hero in Fortnite with a focus on using spears as his primary weapon. He excels at dealing damage with his heavy attacks and has a strong toolkit of abilities to support his playstyle.

Story of Samurai Scrapper

Samurai Scrapper is a hero who comes from a world where he was trained in the art of spear fighting. He is a warrior who values honor and integrity, and he brings that same spirit to his battles in Fortnite.

Perks of Samurai Scrapper

Samurai Scrapper’s perk, Pointy Fury, increases the efficiency of his spear heavy attacks by 65%. This allows him to deal massive damage to enemies with each strike. Additionally, he has access to other useful perks such as Dragon Slash and Explosive Shuriken to further enhance his damage output.

Skills of Samurai Scrapper

Samurai Scrapper’s three skills are Throwing Stars, Smoke Bomb, and Crescent Kick. Throwing Stars allow him to deal ranged damage to enemies with precision accuracy, while Smoke Bomb can be used to disorient enemies and provide cover for himself or his team. Crescent Kick is a powerful melee attack that knocks back enemies and deals heavy damage.

How to Play Samurai Scrapper?

To play Samurai Scrapper effectively, it’s important to focus on using his spear heavy attacks to deal massive damage to enemies. He also benefits from using his Throwing Stars to pick off enemies from a distance, and Smoke Bomb to disrupt enemy movements and cover his own.

When facing tougher enemies or groups of enemies, Samurai Scrapper’s Dragon Slash can be used to quickly clear out large numbers of enemies at once. His Explosive Shuriken can also be used for additional ranged damage.

Final Thoughts

Samurai Scrapper is a versatile hero that can deal massive amounts of damage in both melee and ranged combat. He can be a great addition to any team and is a lot of fun to play. With his focus on using spears and his powerful abilities, he is a strong addition to any team in Fortnite.

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