Saboteur Bull fortnite guide

Saboteur Bull is a Constructor hero in Fortnite. He is known for his ability to set traps and deal area damage to enemies. His perks and skills allow him to create a lot of chaos and confusion among the husks, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Story of Saboteur Bull

Saboteur Bull is a former soldier who has turned his skills to sabotage and subterfuge. He is often sent on covert missions to disrupt enemy operations and create chaos behind enemy lines.

Perks of Saboteur Bull

Saboteur Bull’s main perk is Get Ready For A Surprise!, which causes his D.E.C.O.Y. ability to explode when destroyed, dealing area damage to enemies. This can be a great way to clear out a group of husks or damage a stronger enemy.

Skills of Saboteur Bull

His three skills are DECOY, Plasma Pulse, and Bull Rush. DECOY creates a holographic decoy that draws husks towards it, allowing you to deal damage to them with your other abilities. Plasma Pulse creates an energy pulse that damages enemies in a large area around you. Bull Rush charges forward, damaging and knocking back enemies in your path.

To play Saboteur Bull effectively, you’ll want to focus on setting traps and dealing area damage to enemies. Use your D.E.C.O.Y. to draw husks towards it, then follow up with your Plasma Pulse or Bull Rush to deal damage. Try to position yourself in the center of groups of enemies to maximize the damage you deal.

Final Thoughts

Saboteur Bull is a great choice for players who enjoy playing a more defensive playstyle. His ability to set traps and deal area damage can make him an excellent addition to any team.

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