Robo-Ray fortnite guide

Robo-Ray is a robot version of the beloved Save the World character, Ray. He was created by the Homebase team to help protect the world from the Storm and the Husks. As a Ninja hero, Robo-Ray excels at close-range combat and uses a variety of tools and weapons to take down enemies.

Perks of Robo-Ray

Robo-Ray’s Energy Siphon perk allows him to restore 8.5% of his missing shields whenever he eliminates an enemy with Energy Damage. This can be incredibly useful in combat, as it allows him to stay alive longer and take on multiple enemies at once. In addition, Robo-Ray also has access to other Ninja perks that enhance his melee combat abilities, such as Assassination, which increases his critical hit damage with edged weapons.

Skills of Robo-Ray

Robo-Ray’s three skills are Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick, and Kunai Storm. Throwing Stars allows him to throw three stars in quick succession, dealing damage to any enemies they hit. Crescent Kick is a powerful kick attack that can knock back and stun enemies, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Finally, Kunai Storm unleashes a flurry of kunai knives that damage and stun all enemies in a large area.

How to Play Robo-Ray?

As Robo-Ray, you’ll want to focus on using your melee combat abilities to take down enemies up close. Throwing Stars is a good way to soften up enemies from a distance, while Crescent Kick and Kunai Storm are devastating close-range attacks that can take out multiple enemies at once. Make use of Robo-Ray’s Energy Siphon perk by targeting enemies weak to Energy Damage, such as Elemental Husks.

In terms of playstyle, Robo-Ray is best suited for players who prefer a more aggressive, in-your-face approach to combat. He excels at taking on large groups of enemies and can be particularly effective when fighting alongside other players or heroes with complementary abilities.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Robo-Ray is a solid choice for players who enjoy playing as Ninja heroes and want a hero with strong melee combat abilities. His Energy Siphon perk makes him particularly effective in extended combat situations, while his Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick, and Kunai Storm skills offer a variety of options for taking down enemies. If you’re looking for a new hero to play as in Save the World, the Robo-Ray Pack is definitely worth considering.

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