Robo-Kevin fortnite guide

Robo-Kevin is a robot character from Save the World who has been “personified” to fit the typical Fortnite model. He has been brought into the game as a playable hero in both Battle Royale and Save The World modes.

Perks of Robo-Kevin

Robo-Kevin’s perk is Gadgeteer, which decreases Gadget Cooldowns by 20%. This makes his gadgets more effective in combat and allows him to use them more frequently.

Skills of Robo-Kevin

Robo-Kevin’s skills are Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and Seismic Smash. Phase Shift allows him to quickly teleport a short distance, making it useful for dodging attacks or quickly getting to a new location. Shock Tower deploys a tower that zaps nearby enemies with lightning bolts, dealing damage over time. Finally, Seismic Smash slams the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in a wide radius.

How to Play Robo-Kevin?

Robo-Kevin is a versatile hero who can be effective at both close and long range combat. His gadgets and abilities make him a valuable member of any team, and he can easily take on groups of enemies or single targets. It’s important to use his Phase Shift ability to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid attacks, while Shock Tower and Seismic Smash can be used to deal damage and clear out groups of enemies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Robo-Kevin is a great hero to have on your team in Fortnite. His ability to decrease gadget cooldowns, combined with his versatile skillset, make him a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a new Outlander hero to play, give Robo-Kevin a try and see how he fits into your playstyle.

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