Riot Response Hazard fortnite guide

Riot Response Hazard is a former police officer who now fights for the safety of survivors in the Fortnite world. He’s a Constructor hero who specializes in area denial and crowd control with his Plasma Pulse, Bull Rush, and DECOY abilities.

Perks of Riot Response Hazard

Hazard’s main perk is One Hot Minute, which decreases the cooldown of his Plasma Pulse ability by 18%. This makes him able to use the ability more frequently, allowing for more area denial and damage to enemies. Additionally, his other perks focus on reducing energy costs for his abilities and improving his defenses.

Skills of Riot Response Hazard

  1. Plasma Pulse: Hazard deploys a device that shoots out a wave of plasma, damaging and stunning enemies in its radius.
  2. Bull Rush: Hazard charges forward with his shield, knocking back and damaging enemies in his path.
  3. DECOY: Hazard deploys a holographic decoy that distracts and taunts enemies, drawing their fire away from the player and allies.

How to Play Riot Response Hazard?

As a Constructor hero, Hazard excels at defending objectives and controlling the battlefield. His Plasma Pulse and Bull Rush abilities can deal significant damage to enemies and knock them back, making it easier to take them out or keep them at bay. His DECOY ability is also useful for drawing enemy fire away from the player and allies, allowing for safer movement and better positioning.

To play Hazard effectively, it’s important to prioritize his Plasma Pulse ability and use it often to keep enemies at bay. Bull Rush and DECOY should be used strategically to take out enemies or distract them while teammates focus on other objectives. Hazard should also focus on building and repairing structures to provide cover for the team and protect objectives.

Final Thoughts

Riot Response Hazard is a great choice for players who prefer a defensive playstyle and want to control the battlefield. His Plasma Pulse ability is particularly useful for keeping enemies at bay and dealing damage, while Bull Rush and DECOY can provide additional options for taking out enemies and distracting them. Overall, Hazard is a solid choice for any mission that requires area denial and crowd control.

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