Riot Control Izza fortnite guide

As a Constructor hero, Riot Control Izza excels in crowd control and defending objectives with her powerful Plasma Pulse ability. Here’s a Fortnite guide to help you understand her story, perks, skills, how to play this hero, and final thoughts:

Story Riot Control Izza

Riot Control Izza is a soldier who specializes in crowd control and containment. She developed a unique version of the Plasma Pulse device that delivers a powerful blast of energy, capable of knocking back and damaging multiple enemies at once. She is known for her no-nonsense attitude and ability to quickly react to any situation, making her a valuable asset to any team.

Perks of Riot Control Izza

Riot Control Izza’s main perk is Plasma Pulse Blast, which adds additional energy damage to her Plasma Pulse ability. This makes her an excellent choice for taking out large groups of enemies, particularly when defending an objective. Her other perks include Bull Rush and DECOY, which allow her to further control crowds and protect her team.

Skills of Riot Control Izza

  • Plasma Pulse: Releases a wave of energy in a straight line, dealing energy damage and knocking back enemies within a one-tile radius.
  • Bull Rush: Charges forward with a shield, knocking back and damaging enemies in her path.
  • DECOY: Deploys a device that taunts nearby enemies, drawing their fire away from teammates and toward the DECOY.

How to Play Riot Control Izza?

As a Constructor hero, Riot Control Izza’s primary role is to defend objectives and control crowds of enemies. Her Plasma Pulse ability is especially effective for this, as it deals significant damage and can knock back multiple enemies at once. When defending an objective, be sure to place your Plasma Pulse in a strategic location to maximize its effectiveness.

In addition to her Plasma Pulse, Riot Control Izza’s Bull Rush and DECOY abilities are also great for crowd control. Use Bull Rush to knock back enemies and create space between you and them, or use DECOY to draw enemy fire away from you and toward the DECOY.

Riot Control Izza’s strengths lie in her ability to control crowds of enemies and protect her team. Use her skills to your advantage and focus on defending objectives and keeping enemies at bay.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Riot Control Izza is a solid choice for players who enjoy playing a defensive role in Fortnite. Her Plasma Pulse ability is particularly powerful and effective for defending objectives, and her Bull Rush and DECOY skills make her a valuable asset for controlling crowds of enemies. If you’re looking for a hero that can hold the line and keep enemies at bay, Riot Control Izza is definitely worth considering.

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