Rescue Trooper Havoc fortnite guide

Rescue Trooper Havoc is a powerful Soldier hero in Fortnite with perks focused on increasing Assault Damage. With his Frag Grenade, Shockwave, and Goin’ Commando!!! abilities, he can take out enemies quickly and efficiently. In this guide, we will talk about his Story, Perks, Skills, how to play him, and our final thoughts on using this hero.

Story of Rescue Trooper Havoc

Rescue Trooper Havoc is a highly trained soldier who specializes in search and rescue operations. He is a dedicated soldier who will stop at nothing to help those in need, and he has been called upon to lead some of the most dangerous missions in Fortnite.

Perks of Rescue Trooper Havoc

Rescue Trooper Havoc’s main perk is Assault Damage, which increases his Assault Damage by 17%. This makes him an excellent choice for players who prefer to use Assault weapons. His other perk, which is unique to him, is called Lead Storm. It increases the duration of Goin’ Commando!!! by 10 seconds.

Skills of Rescue Trooper Havoc

Frag Grenade: Rescue Trooper Havoc’s Frag Grenade is a powerful explosive that deals significant damage to enemies within its radius. It can be thrown a considerable distance and has a short cooldown, making it an effective tool for clearing out large groups of enemies.

Shockwave: Shockwave is a close-range ability that deals damage to enemies in an area around the player. It also knocks them back, making it useful for getting out of tight spots or for clearing enemies away from objectives.

Goin’ Commando!!!: Goin’ Commando!!! is an ability that allows the player to use a powerful machine gun to take out enemies quickly. It has a long duration, making it useful for clearing large groups of enemies or taking down bosses.

How to Play Rescue Trooper Havoc?

Rescue Trooper Havoc is an Assault-focused hero, making him an excellent choice for players who prefer using Assault weapons. His perks and skills make him particularly useful in combat situations where there are large groups of enemies.

When playing as Rescue Trooper Havoc, use his Frag Grenade to clear out groups of enemies quickly. You can also use his Shockwave to knock back enemies and create some distance between you and them. Finally, use his Goin’ Commando!!! ability to quickly take out enemies or bosses.

It’s important to keep in mind that while Rescue Trooper Havoc is great in combat, he is not invincible. Be sure to take cover when necessary, and don’t be afraid to retreat if you’re overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rescue Trooper Havoc is a powerful Soldier hero that excels in combat situations. His Assault Damage perk makes him a great choice for players who prefer to use Assault weapons, and his skills are useful for taking out large groups of enemies quickly. While he may not be the most versatile hero, he is a solid choice for players who want to focus on combat and take on challenging missions in Fortnite.

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