Recon Scout Jess fortnite guide

Recon Scout Jess is a daring adventurer who has traveled across the world. She’s a skilled Outlander who can phase shift to avoid danger and uses her tech to eliminate threats.

Perks & Skills of Recon Scout Jess

Jess’s perk is Phase Forward, which grants her an additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds after using phase shift. This makes her extremely mobile and great for quickly getting in and out of combat situations. Below is the list of 3 skills of Recon Scout Jess:

  1. Phase Shift: Allows Jess to quickly shift a short distance, avoiding danger and gaining tactical advantage.
  2. Shock Tower: Drops a tower that deals energy damage to nearby enemies, stunning and knocking them back.
  3. Seismic Smash: Sends a shockwave forward that deals damage and knocks back enemies in its path.

How to Play Recon Scout Jess?

As Recon Scout Jess, your main focus should be on mobility and scouting. Use phase shift frequently to move quickly across the map, evade enemy attacks, and gather resources.

Shock Tower is a great skill for taking out groups of enemies, especially when combined with Seismic Smash to knock them back and keep them away. With Jess’s speed and ability to avoid danger, she can also excel at looting and gathering resources quickly.

Final Thoughts

Recon Scout Jess is a great Outlander hero for players who enjoy mobility and speed. Her Phase Forward perk allows her to quickly traverse the map and her Shock Tower and Seismic Smash skills make her an excellent choice for taking out groups of enemies. If you’re looking for a hero who can easily avoid danger while gathering resources and eliminating threats, Jess is a great choice.

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