Raven fortnite guide

Raven is a high damage Soldier hero in Fortnite Save the World. He was introduced during the Fortnitemares event and has since become a popular choice for players who enjoy explosive weapons and abilities.

Story of Raven

Raven is a dark and mysterious figure who is rumored to have supernatural powers. He first appeared during the Fortnitemares event, where he played a key role in stopping the evil forces that threatened the world of Fortnite. Despite his fearsome appearance, Raven is known to be a loyal and brave hero who will stop at nothing to protect his allies.

Perks of Raven

Raven has a powerful perk called Bang and Pow, which causes an explosion that deals energy damage in a radius around him when using his Lefty and Righty ability. He also has War Cry and Frag Grenade, which both increase damage dealt by him and his allies.

Skills of Raven

Raven’s primary skill is Lefty and Righty, which allows him to dual-wield pistols and fire them rapidly. This ability is great for dealing massive damage to enemies, especially when combined with his Bang and Pow perk. His Frag Grenade ability is also great for clearing groups of enemies, while War Cry boosts the damage output of him and his allies.

How to Play Raven?

To play Raven effectively, you will want to focus on using his Lefty and Righty ability as much as possible. This ability has a relatively short cooldown, allowing you to use it frequently in combat. You will also want to make use of his Frag Grenade and War Cry abilities, which can greatly increase your damage output.

In terms of weapons, Raven is best suited for using pistols, shotguns, and explosive weapons like rocket launchers. You should aim to build a loadout that complements his abilities and perks, so consider using weapons that deal energy damage or have perks that increase damage.

Final Thoughts

Raven is a powerful and versatile hero in Fortnite Save the World. He is great for players who enjoy dealing high damage with explosive weapons and abilities. While he may take some time to master, Raven is definitely worth the investment for players who are looking to take their combat skills to the next level.

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