Quickdraw Calamity fortnite guide

Quickdraw Calamity is a unique Soldier hero in Fortnite, specializing in pistols and high-impact combat. With her Six Shooter perk, she can dish out extra damage and impact for the first six shots in her magazine, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. Her other abilities include Lefty and Righty, War Cry, and Goin’ Commando!!!, which provide a variety of offensive options for players to choose from.

Story of Quickdraw Calamity

Quickdraw Calamity is a fearless gunslinger who roams the frontier, taking on outlaws and defending the innocent. Her sharpshooting skills and quick reflexes have earned her a reputation as one of the most formidable fighters in the wild west.

Perks of Quickdraw Calamity

Quickdraw Calamity’s Six Shooter perk increases pistol damage by 20% and impact by 25% for the first six shots in her magazine. This makes her a powerful damage dealer, particularly against enemies with high health or shields.

Skills of Quickdraw Calamity

  • Lefty and Righty: Allows the player to dual-wield pistols for a limited time, dealing heavy damage to enemies within range.

  • War Cry: Boosts the player’s and their allies’ damage output for a short period of time, making it easier to take down tough enemies.

  • Goin’ Commando!!!: Deploys a mounted machine gun that fires continuously at enemies within its range, dealing massive damage.

How to Play Quickdraw Calamity?

As Quickdraw Calamity, players should focus on using pistols as their primary weapon. Her Six Shooter perk makes her particularly effective against tough enemies, so players should prioritize using her pistol abilities whenever possible. Lefty and Righty is great for taking out groups of enemies, while Goin’ Commando!!! is best used to take down high-health targets.

In addition, players should make use of War Cry to boost their damage output when facing tough enemies or bosses. This can help make Quickdraw Calamity even more effective in combat.

Final Thoughts

Quickdraw Calamity is a fun and unique hero to play in Fortnite, with a focus on pistols and high-impact combat. Her Six Shooter perk makes her a great choice for players who like to deal massive damage to enemies, and her other abilities provide a variety of offensive options. With some practice, players can become a skilled gunslinger with Quickdraw Calamity and take on any challenge that comes their way.

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