Prehistoric Izza fortnite

Prehistoric Izza is a Constructor hero in Fortnite who specializes in defense and damage output. Her abilities and perks make her a formidable ally in battle, especially against enemies with high armor.

Story of Prehistoric Izza

Prehistoric Izza is a time traveler from the distant past who found herself in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. She quickly adapted to the new world and used her prehistoric fighting skills to protect her team.

Perks of Prehistoric Izza

Prehistoric Izza’s primary perk is Saurian Hide, which increases her armor by 33 when her shield is depleted. This makes her an excellent tank hero, capable of absorbing significant amounts of damage.

Skills of Prehistoric Izza

Prehistoric Izza has three skills that enhance her combat abilities:

  1. Goin’ Constructor – this ability transforms Izza’s melee weapon into a massive hammer that deals significant damage to enemies. The hammer can also knock back enemies and destroy buildings.
  2. R.O.S.I.E. – this is a stationary turret that Izza can deploy, which deals heavy damage to enemies in its range. This skill allows Izza to provide additional defense to her team while holding a position.
  3. DECOY – this ability deploys a fake target that lures enemies into attacking it. This gives Izza and her team time to regroup or attack the enemy from a more advantageous position.

How to Play Prehistoric Izza?

Prehistoric Izza is best played as a tank hero, capable of soaking up damage while dishing out heavy attacks.

She is ideal for defending objectives or holding a position, thanks to her R.O.S.I.E. turret and DECOY ability.

When engaging in combat, use Goin’ Constructor to deal massive damage to enemies, and follow up with DECOY to draw their attention away from you and towards the fake target. Finally, deploy R.O.S.I.E. to provide additional cover and deal even more damage to enemies.

It is also recommended to prioritize armor and health perks for Prehistoric Izza, as they will enhance her tanking abilities even further.

Final Thoughts

Prehistoric Izza is an excellent hero for players who enjoy playing defensively and dealing heavy damage to enemies. Her tanking abilities, coupled with her powerful skills and perks, make her an excellent choice for defending objectives or holding a position. If you’re looking for a hero that can take a lot of punishment and deal even more damage, Prehistoric Izza is the hero for you.

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