Power Pop Penny guide Fortnite

Power Pop Penny is a fan of heavy metal music and has incorporated it into her fighting style. She uses her love of music to inspire herself and her teammates on the battlefield.

Perks of Power Pop Penny

Power Pop Penny’s perk is “Bringin’ Down The House,” which grants a chance for heavy attack eliminations to grant the Rockin’ Riff buff. The Rockin’ Riff buff increases movement speed, attack speed, and energy regeneration for a short time.

Skills of Power Pop Penny

Power Pop Penny’s skills are Bull Rush, DECOY, and Goin’ Constructor. Bull Rush allows her to charge forward, knocking back and damaging enemies in her path. DECOY creates a decoy to distract enemies and draw their fire away from the player. Goin’ Constructor is a melee-focused ability that allows the player to wield a hammer and deal massive damage to enemies.

How to Play Power Pop Penny?

Power Pop Penny is a Constructor hero with a focus on close-range combat. Use Bull Rush to knock back enemies and create space between yourself and the enemy. DECOY can be used to draw enemy fire away from the player or to protect objectives. Goin’ Constructor is a powerful ability that should be saved for high priority targets or when there are large groups of enemies.

With her Bringin’ Down The House perk, it’s important to use heavy attacks whenever possible to increase the chance of receiving the Rockin’ Riff buff. The Rockin’ Riff buff can greatly increase the player’s combat effectiveness, allowing them to quickly take down enemies and clear large groups of enemies.

Final Thoughts

Power Pop Penny is a fun hero to play for those who enjoy close-range combat and heavy metal music. With her Bull Rush, DECOY, and Goin’ Constructor abilities, she can quickly dispatch enemies and protect objectives. The Bringin’ Down The House perk and Rockin’ Riff buff add an extra layer of excitement to her gameplay, making her a great choice for players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward combat.

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