Power B.A.S.E. Knox fortnite guide

Power B.A.S.E. Knox is a hero in Fortnite’s Save the World mode. He is a strong and sturdy constructor who specializes in fortifying structures and providing support to his teammates. He is a skilled builder and an expert at using his abilities to protect and strengthen his base.

Perks of Power B.A.S.E. Knox

Power B.A.S.E. Knox has the “Power Modulation” perk, which allows structures affected by his B.A.S.E. ability to be healed for 4% of max health every 10 seconds. This makes his structures more durable and resistant to damage over time. He also has standard constructor perks like increased building health and reduced building costs.

Skills of Power B.A.S.E. Knox

Power B.A.S.E. Knox’s three skills are:

  1. R.O.S.I.E.: This ability allows Knox to deploy a stationary turret that deals heavy damage to enemies in its line of sight.
  2. DECOY: This ability creates a decoy that attracts and distracts enemies, drawing their fire away from the player and towards the decoy.
  3. Plasma Pulse: This ability deploys a field that deals energy damage to enemies within its range.

How to Play Power B.A.S.E. Knox?

Power B.A.S.E. Knox is an excellent choice for players who like to build and fortify their base. His B.A.S.E. ability is particularly effective at increasing the durability of structures and allowing players to focus on other aspects of gameplay. He can also provide support to his team with his DECOY and Plasma Pulse abilities, which can distract enemies and deal significant damage.

To play as Power B.A.S.E. Knox, focus on building strong defenses and protecting your base. Use your B.A.S.E. ability to increase the durability of your structures and reduce the amount of damage they take from enemy attacks.

Use your DECOY ability to draw enemy fire away from you and towards your decoy, allowing you to attack from a safe distance. Finally, use your Plasma Pulse ability to deal significant damage to enemies within its range.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Power B.A.S.E. Knox is a strong and reliable constructor hero that is well-suited for players who like to focus on building and fortifying their base. His abilities are effective at increasing the durability of structures and protecting his team from enemy attacks. With a strong defensive strategy and a focus on support, Power B.A.S.E. Knox can be a valuable addition to any team.

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