Plasma Specialist Izza fortnite guide

Plasma Specialist Izza is a Constructor hero in Fortnite’s Save the World mode. She was once a brilliant scientist who was part of a research team investigating a new form of energy. But when her colleagues betrayed her, she used her knowledge to create the Plasma Pulse ability, which harnesses the power of the energy source they were studying. She now uses her powers to fight against the Husks and protect the survivors.

Perks & Skills of Plasma Specialist Izza

Plasma Specialist Izza’s perk is Power Pulse, which increases the damage of her Plasma Pulse ability by 30%. Plasma Specialist Izza’s three skills are:

  1. Plasma Pulse: Creates a large area of energy that damages enemies over time.
  2. DECOY: Deploys a holographic decoy that distracts enemies and takes damage for you.
  3. Bull Rush: Charges forward with a shield, damaging and knocking back enemies in your path.

How to Play Plasma Specialist Izza?

Plasma Specialist Izza is a versatile hero with strong offensive capabilities. Her Plasma Pulse ability can deal a lot of damage to enemies, especially when combined with her Power Pulse perk. It’s a great way to clear out groups of enemies or weaken stronger ones.

Her DECOY is also useful for drawing enemy fire away from you, and can be used to protect objectives or survivors. Combine it with Bull Rush to quickly charge into battle and take down enemies.

Overall, Plasma Specialist Izza is best played as an aggressive hero who focuses on dealing damage and taking down enemies quickly. Use her abilities to control the battlefield and protect your teammates.

Final Thoughts

Plasma Specialist Izza is a powerful hero with strong offensive abilities. Her Plasma Pulse and DECOY are great for controlling the battlefield, while her Bull Rush allows her to quickly charge into battle and take down enemies. With her Power Pulse perk, she can deal even more damage with her Plasma Pulse ability. She’s a great choice for players who enjoy an aggressive playstyle and want to deal lots of damage.

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