plague doctor igor fortnite guide

Plague Doctor Igor is a hero from a time when a mysterious plague ravaged the land. He used his medical knowledge to try to help those affected, but ultimately turned to the ways of the ninja to fight back against the disease and its spread.

Perks & Skills of Plague Doctor Igor

Plague Doctor Igor’s perk is “Deep Pockets,” which decreases the energy cost of Smoke Bomb by 38%. Below is the list of skills:

  1. Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke bomb that deals damage and slows enemies caught in its area of effect.
  2. Throwing Stars: Throws three stars that deal damage to enemies.
  3. Dragon Slash: Unleashes a sweeping attack with a sword, damaging enemies in a wide arc in front of the player.

How to Play Plague Doctor Igor?

Plague Doctor Igor is a ninja hero with a focus on crowd control and dealing damage. His Smoke Bomb is particularly effective at slowing down and weakening groups of enemies, making them easier to take out with his other skills. Throwing Stars are a good way to deal damage from a distance, while Dragon Slash is great for taking out enemies in close quarters.

To make the most of Plague Doctor Igor’s abilities, it’s important to keep an eye on his energy levels. With his Deep Pockets perk, Smoke Bomb can be used more frequently, but it’s still important to use it strategically to control large groups of enemies.

In combat, try to get the jump on enemies by using Smoke Bomb to slow them down and then following up with Throwing Stars or Dragon Slash. Plague Doctor Igor is a versatile hero who can deal damage from both close and long range, so be sure to use all of his skills to their fullest potential.

Final Thoughts

Plague Doctor Igor is a solid choice for players who enjoy playing as a ninja hero with a focus on crowd control and dealing damage. With his Smoke Bomb, Throwing Stars, and Dragon Slash, he has a variety of tools at his disposal to take down enemies.

His Deep Pockets perk also makes him more energy-efficient, allowing him to use his skills more frequently. Overall, Plague Doctor Igor is a strong hero to have on any team.

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