Parasaur Jess fortnite guide

Parasaur Jess is a dinosaur-themed Outlander hero who uses her Saurian Instinct to heal herself while using her abilities. She is a survivor who has learned to adapt to the harsh environments of the Fortnite world.

Perks of Parasaur Jess

Parasaur Jess’s Saurian Instinct perk allows her abilities to heal her for a percentage of her max health, making her a more self-sustaining hero. This can be especially useful in situations where there are few opportunities for healing.

Skills of Parasaur Jess

Parasaur Jess’s three skills are Seismic Smash, Phase Shift, and Shock Tower. Seismic Smash is a ground-pounding ability that deals damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area. Phase Shift allows Jess to quickly move through space, phasing through obstacles and enemies. Shock Tower sends out a wave of electricity that damages enemies within its radius.

How to Play Parasaur Jess?

As an Outlander, Parasaur Jess is adept at gathering resources and moving quickly through the environment. Her healing abilities make her more self-sufficient, allowing her to stay in combat for longer periods of time. Seismic Smash can be used to clear out large groups of enemies, while Shock Tower can be used to soften them up before engaging in melee combat. Phase Shift is useful for quickly dodging attacks or getting out of sticky situations.

When playing as Parasaur Jess, focus on using her abilities to their fullest potential. Use Seismic Smash and Shock Tower to take out enemies from a distance, and then close in with Crescent Kick to finish them off. Keep an eye on your health and use your abilities to heal when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Parasaur Jess is a versatile Outlander hero who is great for players who like to be self-sufficient. Her healing abilities allow her to stay in combat longer, and her skills are useful in a variety of situations. If you enjoy playing Outlanders and want a hero who can hold their own in combat, Parasaur Jess is a great choice.

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