Paleo Luna fortnite guide

Paleo Luna is a fierce fighter who has survived in the wilds for years. She was once a researcher studying dinosaur bones and fossils, but after a freak accident, she gained the power to channel the strength of the prehistoric beasts she once studied. Now, armed with her sharp claws and powerful abilities, she fights to protect the survivors of the storm.

Perks of Paleo Luna

Paleo Luna’s Saurian Claws perk is what makes her a formidable melee fighter. The additional melee weapon damage she gains based on her current health is incredibly useful in close combat situations. This makes her an excellent choice for players who prefer to fight up close and personal.

Skills of Paleo Luna

Paleo Luna’s three skills are Crescent Kick, Smoke Bomb, and Kunai Storm. Crescent Kick is a powerful melee strike that can take out multiple enemies in front of her. Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that obscures her from enemies, while also slowing them down. Finally, Kunai Storm is a flurry of throwing knives that deal damage to all nearby enemies.

How to Play Paleo Luna?

Paleo Luna is a hero who excels in close combat situations, so players should focus on melee weapons and getting up close and personal with enemies. It’s important to keep an eye on her health and use her Saurian Claws perk to deal even more damage. Her Smoke Bomb and Kunai Storm skills can help her take out large groups of enemies quickly, while Crescent Kick is perfect for taking out enemies in a line.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Paleo Luna is a great choice for players who enjoy getting up close and personal in combat. Her Saurian Claws perk makes her an incredibly powerful melee fighter, and her skills are well-suited for taking out large groups of enemies. She may not be the best choice for players who prefer to fight at a distance, but for those who like to get in the thick of things, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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