noir fortnite guide

Noir is a Soldier hero who was inspired by film noir characters, as evident from his appearance and name. He’s always ready to take down his enemies and fight for justice, no matter the cost. His background story is unknown, but his attitude and determination make him a valuable asset to any team.

Perks of Noir

Noir’s main perk is “Pump Metal,” which extends the duration of his Lefty and Righty ability by 1 second for each elimination, up to a maximum of 10 eliminations. This perk encourages players to use Lefty and Righty frequently, as it can provide a significant boost in duration.

Skills of Noir

Noir’s three skills are Lefty and Righty, Frag Grenade, and War Cry. Lefty and Righty allows him to dual-wield pistols for a short period, dealing significant damage to enemies.

Frag Grenade is a thrown explosive that deals area-of-effect damage, making it useful for clearing out groups of enemies. War Cry is a team buff that increases the damage output of all nearby allies.

How to Play Noir?

As a Soldier hero, Noir is a versatile damage dealer who can hold his own against most enemy types. His Pump Metal perk rewards players for using Lefty and Righty, so it’s a good idea to use this ability as often as possible.

Frag Grenade is also a useful ability for clearing out groups of enemies or damaging larger targets. And, of course, War Cry can provide a significant damage boost to you and your allies, making it an essential ability to use during tough fights.

Final Thoughts

Noir is a solid Soldier hero who can deal significant damage to enemies while also providing team support with War Cry.

His Pump Metal perk encourages players to use Lefty and Righty frequently, making him a fun hero to play if you enjoy dual-wielding pistols. If you’re looking for a reliable Soldier hero with a bit of style, Noir is an excellent choice.

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