nilou guide genshin impact

Nilou is a Hydro polearm wielder in Genshin Impact who hails from Inazuma. Her skills make her a valuable addition to any team. This guide will provide an overview of her abilities and how to make the most of them.

Normal Attack: Water Dancer

Nilou performs up to five consecutive spear strikes, with the last hit dealing massive Hydro damage. This attack sequence can also be chained into a plunge attack. The damage output of this attack can be increased with a Hydro bonus artifact set.

Elemental Skill: Illusory Flow

Nilou dashes forward, leaving behind an Illusory Image that deals Hydro damage to enemies. The Illusory Image can draw enemy attention away from Nilou, allowing her to dodge incoming attacks. This skill can also be used to quickly close the distance between Nilou and an enemy.

Elemental Burst: Oceanic Mirage

Nilou channels Hydro energy into her spear, causing it to glow with a bright blue aura. She then performs a powerful spinning attack that deals massive Hydro damage to enemies in her path. This attack can also generate a shield that absorbs damage and increases Nilou’s resistance to interruption.


  • Hydromancy: Nilou’s normal attack has a 20% chance to generate a water droplet that restores a small amount of HP to the party member with the lowest health.

  • Water Veil: After using Illusory Flow, Nilou’s resistance to interruption and damage reduction is increased by 20%.

  • Undertow: When Nilou uses Oceanic Mirage, the cooldowns for her Elemental Skill and Burst are reduced by 1 second.


  • Tidal Surge: The damage dealt by Illusory Image is increased by 15%.

  • Reflected Current: If an enemy takes damage from both Nilou’s Illusory Image and Oceanic Mirage within 2 seconds, they will be electro-charged.

  • Aquatic Impression: Increases the level of Oceanic Mirage by 3.

  • Deep Current: Reduces the cooldown of Oceanic Mirage by 20%.

  • Hydrodynamic: Increases the level of Illusory Flow by 3.

  • Soothing Waters: Nilou regenerates HP equal to 25% of her Hydro bonus when she uses Oceanic Mirage.

Team Composition

Nilou’s Hydro element makes her a great support character for any team composition. She can pair well with characters who have abilities that trigger reactions, such as Diluc or Hu Tao. Nilou’s Illusory Flow can also help to draw enemy attention away from other characters, allowing them to focus on dealing damage. Additionally, her Oceanic Mirage can provide a valuable shield for the party.

Recommended Weapons

  • Skyward Spine: This 5-star polearm can increase Nilou’s critical hit rate and her elemental burst damage.

  • Dragon’s Bane: This 4-star polearm can increase Nilou’s damage against enemies affected by Hydro.

  • Prototype Starglitter: This craftable 4-star polearm can increase Nilou’s critical hit rate and has a chance to generate elemental particles when dealing damage.

Recommended Artifacts

  • Hydro-boosting artifact sets like Heart of Depth or Noblesse Oblige can increase the damage output of Nilou’s attacks.

  • Energy Recharge-boosting artifact sets like Scholar or Exile can help Nilou generate her Elemental Burst more quickly.

Final Thoughts

Nilou is a versatile Hydro character who can serve as a valuable support for any team. Her Illusory Flow and Oceanic Mirage abilities make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield, and her passives and constell

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