monks fortnite guide

Monks is a legendary ninja in Fortnite who specializes in crowd control with his Kunai Storm. He’s known for his mischievous and playful personality, as well as his ability to stun and knock down enemies with his Banana Peels.

Perks of Monks

Monks’ Monkeying Around perk is unique and can be a powerful tool in disabling groups of enemies. His other perks include the standard ninja abilities of increased jump height and movement speed, as well as increased melee damage. His Smoke Bomb also reduces enemy damage by 25%.

Skills of Monks

Kunai Storm is Monks’ signature ability, which allows him to throw multiple Kunai knives in all directions, dealing damage and stunning enemies. His Crescent Kick is a powerful kick that damages and knocks back enemies in front of him. And his Smoke Bomb creates a cloud that slows and disorients enemies.

How to Play Monks?

Monks is a highly mobile ninja that excels at crowd control. Use Kunai Storm to deal damage and stun groups of enemies, and follow up with Crescent Kick to knock them back and deal even more damage. Use Smoke Bomb to create a safe space to heal or revive teammates, or to escape from dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts

Monks is a fun and unique ninja hero that offers a lot of utility and crowd control options. His Monkeying Around perk is especially powerful when used correctly, and his mobility and ability to stun enemies make him a valuable asset in any mission.

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