mika guide genshin impact

Mika is a Cryo bow user in Genshin Impact who excels at dealing damage from afar. Her skills make her a valuable addition to any team. This guide will provide an overview of her abilities and how to make the most of them.

Normal Attack: Ice Arrows

Mika can fire up to five consecutive shots with her bow, dealing Cryo damage to enemies. Charged shots can be charged up to level 2, and hitting weak spots on enemies will deal extra damage. This attack sequence can also be chained into a plunge attack. The damage output of this attack can be increased with a Cryo bonus artifact set.

Elemental Skill: Frost Arrow

Mika fires an ice arrow that deals Cryo damage and explodes on impact, dealing additional Cryo damage and leaving an area of ice that slows down enemies. This skill can also be used to freeze enemies, which can be followed up with a charged attack for extra damage.

Elemental Burst: Frost Nova

Mika creates a field of ice around her that deals Cryo damage to enemies in the area and continuously freezes them. This skill can also increase the critical hit rate of Mika’s normal and charged attacks.

Passives of Mika

  • Piercing Cold: Mika’s charged attack will deal 15% more damage to frozen enemies.
  • Arctic Wind: When Mika uses Frost Arrow, she gains a 15% increased movement speed and a 30% reduced stamina consumption for a short time.
  • Northern Lights: Mika’s critical hit rate is increased by 10% when she is in a party with four Cryo characters.

Constellations of Mika

  • Frozen Flurry: Increases the level of Frost Arrow by 3.
  • Ice Storm: Increases the level of Frost Nova by 3.
  • Winter’s Wrath: When Mika uses Frost Nova, enemies within the field have their Cryo resistance reduced by 15%.
  • Snow Squall: Mika’s normal and charged attacks have a chance to generate a snowstorm that deals Cryo damage to enemies.
  • Frostbite: Increases Mika’s Cryo damage bonus by 25%.
  • Glacial Outburst: When Mika uses Frost Nova, her movement speed is increased by 30% and her normal and charged attacks deal 30% more damage.

Team Composition

Mika’s Cryo element makes her a great support character for any team composition. She can pair well with characters who have abilities that trigger reactions, such as Diluc or Hu Tao.

Mika’s Frost Arrow can also help to freeze enemies, allowing other characters to focus on dealing damage. Additionally, her Frost Nova can provide a valuable crowd control effect for the party.

Recommended Weapons

  • Amos’ Bow: This 5-star bow can increase Mika’s damage output at long range.
  • The Stringless: This 4-star bow can increase Mika’s Elemental Skill and Burst damage.
  • Favonius Warbow: This 4-star bow can increase Mika’s energy recharge, allowing her to use her Burst more often.

Recommended Artifacts

Cryo-boosting artifact sets like Blizzard Strayer or Heart of Depth can increase the damage output of Mika’s Cryo attacks.

Critical hit rate-boosting artifact sets like Gladiator’s Finale or Bloodstained Chivalry can increase Mika’s damage output overall.

Final Thoughts

Mika is a versatile Cryo character who can serve as a valuable support for any team. Her Frost Arrow and Frost Nova abilities make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield, and her passives and constellations allow her to deal even more damage. With the right weapons and artifacts, Mika can become a powerhouse on the battlefield.

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