Mermonster Ken fortnite guide

Mermonster Ken is a unique hero in Fortnite who is a skilled ninja with a twist – he has an affinity for taking down the game’s powerful Mist Monsters. His From the Depths perk allows him to deal increased damage to these formidable foes based on his missing health, making him an excellent choice for missions where you’ll be facing off against hordes of tougher enemies.

Skills of Mermonster Ken

Mermonster Ken has three powerful abilities that make him a formidable force on the battlefield. His Crescent Kick is a powerful melee attack that can knock back and stun enemies in a wide arc in front of him, while his Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that damages and disorients enemies within its area of effect. Finally, his Kunai Storm is a deadly ranged attack that unleashes a barrage of throwing knives on enemies in front of him.

How to Play Mermonster Ken?

To play Mermonster Ken effectively, it’s important to focus on his strengths. With his increased damage against Mist Monsters, he excels at taking down the game’s toughest enemies, making him a great choice for high-level missions where these foes are common. His Crescent Kick is also an excellent way to clear out groups of weaker enemies, while his Smoke Bomb can provide valuable crowd control and utility.

When using Mermonster Ken, be sure to take advantage of his perk by playing aggressively and staying in the thick of battle, where his increased damage can make a real difference. Use his abilities strategically to take down enemies and control the battlefield, and be sure to keep an eye on his health so you can maximize the bonus from his perk.

Final Thoughts

Mermonster Ken is a strong and unique hero that can excel in the right situations. With his increased damage against Mist Monsters and his powerful abilities, he can be a valuable asset in high-level missions and other challenging content.

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