mage base kyle fortnite guide

MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle is a constructor hero who specializes in creating a fortified base to defend against husks. He is a skilled constructor who has a passion for building and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his teammates. He is known for his exceptional building skills and his ability to construct massive bases that can withstand even the toughest attacks.

Perks of MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle

MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle’s main perk is Mega BASE, which increases the connectivity range of his B.A.S.E. by 1. This allows his B.A.S.E. to cover a larger area and provide more protection to his teammates. He also has other defensive perks such as Tough Traps, which increases trap durability by 17.5%.

Skills of MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle

MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle’s skills focus on defensive capabilities.

  1. His first skill is Plasma Pulse, which releases a wave of energy that damages enemies within its range.
  2. His second skill is R.O.S.I.E., which deploys a mounted turret that deals heavy damage to enemies.
  3. His final skill is Bull Rush, which allows him to charge forward and knock back any enemies in his path, making it useful for both defense and offense.

How to Play MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle?

As MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle, your main focus should be on building a strong and fortified base to defend against husk attacks. Use your B.A.S.E. ability to increase the connectivity of your structures and ensure maximum coverage.

Place your traps strategically to take advantage of the increased durability provided by your Tough Traps perk. Use your Plasma Pulse and R.O.S.I.E. skills to deal damage to husks and clear them out from a distance. And use Bull Rush to push back any husks that manage to get too close to your structures.

Final Thoughts

MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle is a reliable and sturdy constructor hero who excels at defensive play. With his Mega BASE perk, he can provide coverage for a larger area and ensure maximum protection for his team.

His skills provide a good balance of offense and defense, making him a versatile hero that can adapt to different situations. If you enjoy playing as a constructor hero and value defense over offense, then MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle is definitely worth considering.

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