Major Oswald fortnite guide

As a former major in the military, Major Oswald is a skilled and experienced soldier hero in Fortnite. With his ability to increase damage output and snare enemies, he’s a great choice for players who want to dominate the battlefield.

Story of Major Oswald

As a career soldier, Major Oswald has seen it all. He’s fought in countless battles and honed his skills to become one of the most respected soldiers in the military. After retiring from active duty, he now uses his expertise to help others in the fight against the Storm.

Perks of Major Oswald

Major Oswald’s “Command Presence” perk gives War Cry an additional effect of snaring enemies within its range by 30% for its duration. This is a powerful tool for controlling the battlefield and making it easier to take down enemies.

Skills of Major Oswald

His skills include War Cry, which increases damage output for a short period of time, Frag Grenade, a throwable explosive that damages enemies within its radius, and Goin’ Commando!!!, which allows the player to use a powerful machine gun for a limited time.

How to Play Major Oswald?

To play Major Oswald effectively, make sure to use War Cry at the right time to maximize its damage boost and snaring effect. Use Frag Grenades to clear out groups of enemies, and Goin’ Commando!!! when you need to deal massive damage quickly. With his combination of abilities, Major Oswald is best suited for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Major Oswald is a strong Soldier hero that can provide valuable support to any team. With his snaring effect and damage boost from War Cry, he can turn the tide of battle in favor of his team.

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